Club Captains failing to set an example.

Message from BFSFA and Fyldesport.  At the last secretaries meeting each Club received a pack from the FA highlighting the 'Respect the Ref' campaign. Each pack contained an arm band lettered 'Respect' for use by the team's captain. This would give the referee a quick identification and also allow the Captain to talk to the referee. It was recommended that the arm band be collected in after each game and placed in say the 1st Aid Box in order that it would be available the following game should the Captain change or be unavailable.  It was very disappointing to see so few club captains wearing the arm bands yesterday.  Also another referee was threatened on Sunday and as always the player's registration will be withdrawn. The sooner players realise we will support the ever decreasing number of referees the better.  If, as Captain, you have a 'hang up' about being seen to support the Respect campaign then maybe you're not the right man for the job.

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