Traffic Wardens On The Edge

Following complaints from local residents a couple of Blackpool parking enforcement officers were out on Common Edge this morning.

The two officers were almost apologetic. One had been dragged down from Cleveleys, another from his beat on The Prom, just so they could hand out fines to sunday league footballers and supporters following complaints from local residents.

Although plenty of cars were parked on double yellows, none were causing an obvious problem. Emergency vehicles should still have been able to drive up to Mechanics if needed, or onto the playing fields if required.

I think the playing fields at Common Edge have been there a lot longer than the adjacent new houses so the residents surely knew what they were letting themselves in for once a week. It's probably some of these same residents who exercise their mutts on our nice pitches, using them as their personal canine toilet.

Blackpool Council need to review the double yellows around Common Edge or extend the car parking. There's plenty of room and they certainly charge enough for the usage of the pitches despite many of them being in poor condition.

Anyone get a ticket? Let us know…

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