Respect the referee!

The attached have been sent in by one of our referees and for anybody who's interested in doing a good job there's a guide for referees assistants.  Something to ponder the next time you're wondering why you've not been allocated a ref.

A Thought for the Official

Let us try to spare a thought before the game for the person in the middle who is about to officiate the game. Firstly would you like to change places with them when most people are already biased against him. You will be looking at the game in a different perspective especially when you feel he gives a decision against you. He has one pair of eyes to see every incident on the pitch which will be scrutinised by a minimum of 22 and will probably be twice that.

They will be told at least once a game they do not know what they are doing but are usually in a minority that actually know the laws and will have passed an exam on it. I listened to a radio phone in show and a caller asked the pundits ex-players, font of all football knowledge

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