Shock news: Dennis Peters is not happy.

Sigh – Thirty-four teams have not still not registered a player for the coming season. Attention is drawn to rule 12 that all teams must have registered 12 prior to 01/08/08 or they will be fined.  If you have signed a player who is new to you it is advisable to ring GRUMPY on 391055 or 07950 966 067 to check that they have not already signed for another team or owe money to either the league or the L F A. Players signing for more than one team will have their registration refused for the first four games after signing on and will be considered to be registered with the first who submitted a form. Teams playing a player who signed with another team or has outstanding debts will be deemed to have played an unregistered player and as such be fined and face a point deduction.GET THE FORMS IN NOW AND IF POSTING THEM MAKE SURE THE POSTAGE IS CORRECT

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