Skye FC – Presentation night.

Skye FC recently held their end-of-season presentation night at the Wyre Light Pub, London Street, Fleetwood.  Here are a few photographs from the event.


Presentation Night 2007/08  

SKYE FC held their end-of-season presentation night at the Wyre Light Pub, London Street, Fleetwood.  A huge buffet had been provided in the private function area – thanks to striker Darren Welsh for organising this. 

Skye, in Division 2B last season, were also joined by some of the Shovels FC, who, traditionally, play in Skye's pre-season friendlies each year.

Unfortunately, manager Ali Martin couldn't make it to his own team's end-of-season “do” due to being ill.  The trophies were all presented by co-manager Kev McCumiskey in Martin's absence.

The secretary also received a surprise award from the team as a “thank you” in the shape of a set of Parker pens, which was much appreciated.

The trophies were awarded to the following players:

Players' Player of the Year: 1st Huw Rose; 2nd Kev McCumiskey; 3rd Jamie Dewhurst.

Manager's Player of the Year: Jason Pilmore.

Striker of the Year: 1st Lee O'Neill; 2nd Matty Grime.

Midfielder of the Year: 1st Joe Hallam; 2nd Huw Rose; 3rd Jason Pilmore.

Defender of the Year: 1st Winston Piper; 2nd Ant Weszka; joint 3rd Ali Martin and Jamie Dewhurst.

Keeper of the Year: Kev McCumiskey.

Most Improved Player: 1st Matty Grime; 2nd Ali Martin.

Goal of the Season: Paul Forrest

Best Young Player: Joe Hallam

Top Goalscorer: Lee O'Neill, who still scored 22 for Skye before leaving half-way through the season.  Lee couldn't make it due to work commitments, but Skye wish him all the best for the new season.


Kev McCumiskey (left) presents a trophy to Ant Weszka, runner-up in Defender of the Year 

From left: Ant Weszka; Jason Pilmore; secretary Karen; Carl Ireland; Darren Howe; Huw Rose; Darren Welsh; Winston Piper; Jamie Dewhurst; Matty Grime and Kev McCumiskey and (kneeling) Scott Christy (Shovels FC)

Jamie “Dewy” Dewhurst, left, looking very scary, and Carl Ireland

Standing, from left: Huw Rose, Daz Welsh, Carl Ireland and Ant Weszka with Scott Christy on the floor

Darren Howe (left) and Jason Pilmore

From left: Skye FC vice-captain Huw Rose, co-manager Kev McCumiskey, Carl Ireland, Carl's partner and Daz Welsh

Scott Christy (left) and Ant Weszka

From left: Danny Taylor and Scott Christy of the Shovels FC with Ant Weszka, propping each other up

Dewy shows his delight that he has won something

From left: Carl Ireland; Carl's partner; Jamie Dewhurst (enjoying a final night out as a member of Skye FC before departing for The Shovels) and Huw Rose

Dewy presents Kev with his awards – Goalkeeper of the Year and runner-up in Players' Player of the Year

Dewy starts on the “shots” (these were all for him)

Huw receives runner-up Midfielder of the Year from Kev 

Dewy receives 2nd runner-up in Players' Player of the Year from Kev (Winston Piper, back left, laughs after he beat Dewy to the title of Defender of the Year)

Jason Pilmore wins Manager's Player of the Year and 2nd runner-up Midfielder of the Year

Matty Grime is presented with runner-up Striker of the Year award

Matty is straight back to receive his Most Improved Player trophy

Players' Player of the Year Huw Rose receives his trophy from Kev McCumikskey 

Defender of the Year Winston Piper is presented with his trophy by Kev 

Thanks to everyone who came down and made it such a good night out and congratulation to all the trophy winners.We are sorry to say goodbye to Jamie 'Dewy' Dewhurst, who officially announced he was signing for The Shovels next season.

We wish him all the best and thank him for his contribution to Skye FC in 2007/08.

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