News from Bottrop.

As you’re no doubt aware Alliance champions Quilligans FC represented Blackpool in Germany.  The occasion was a tournament in Bottrop against the home sides and Bottrops other twin towns from around the EU.  They did well to go all the way but they were eventually beaten 1-0 in the final by the hosts.  Here’s manager Mark Spedding’s summary of the weekend’s football along with a couple of pictures.


The players meet for a pre-tour meal at St Annes restaurant Mammas Too.


The squad pictured prior to the first game in Bottrop.


Manager Mark Spedding receives a momento from the local dignitaries.


The trip was a extemely well arranged and the hospitality and courtesy shown by our German hosts was amazing from the first greeting at the airport until the final goodbyes.

The trip included tours of the town and a visit to their indoor ski resort and the games were played in an excellent small stadium close to the centre of Bottrop.

The tournament was preceded by the singing of the participanting teams National Anthems, with the Quills players booming out the loudest ‘God Save The Queen’ heard in Germany since World Cup 2008!


Group games

Quilligans 1 (Kevan Ford)     Glewitz (Poland) 0
Quilligans 0  Merseburg (East Germany) 0
Quilligans 2 (Scott Sugden,Jordan Spedding)  Veszprem (Hungary) 1


Bottrop Select XI 1 Quilligans 0

The Bottrop side in the final was a select XI from the area including a number of pro and semi pro players from the area including a player who plays for Essen first team who play in the Bundesliga second division and some fourth division Bundesliga players.

However Quilligans acquitted themselves with pride and honour in a final spoiled by an overly fussy referee who controversially allowed the winning goal to stand after the Bottrop striker had clearly handled a attempted clearance, however that could not put a dampener on a truly amazing weekend blessed by glorious sunshine and a fine way to celebrate our hosts centenary.

Playing squad, Rick Whiteside, Andy Forsyth, Stuart Bracewell, Jon Simmons, Phil Thompson, Kevan Ford, Adam West, Stephen Brooks, Lee Conway, Robbie Boal, Paul Cook, Dave Millard, Andy Nuttall, Antony Pearson, Jordan Douthwaite,  Peter Taberner, Jordan Spedding, Scott Sugden.  The physio was Fleetwood Town’s Danny Moore.  

If you wish to see more pictures of the trip on the Quill’s site forum click here.



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