Blackpool Mechanics FC respond.

On the whole we've seen a decent adult debate on the Blackpool MechanicsFC/Northern Care FC situation.  As long as it continues in that way we'll let it run.  Someone asked the club to respond to the stories and give their view so here's Tommy Baldwin's reply.  Members may post comments but they will be moderated.  (Mech's manager Stuart Parker pictured).

Close season, bitching on the rise, nothing new you may say, Blackpool Mechanics going through a change, new pitch, ground improvments new training area's just to name a few.

This type of improvment costs many thousands of pounds and it is the backroom people that contribute the most. All this is done to give people the opportunity to play football at a good level. All those players who are complaining about expenses or wages should take a good look at themselves.

One comment stated “a measley twenty quid”. I wonder if this player held out his hand every week to collect this measley twenty quid. Look, if players are being paid expenses good luck to them but surely the person paying them has a right to protect their interests?

Players at A.F.C. Blackpool (Next season's proposed new name for Blackpool Mechanics FC next season) are not forced to play for any team and they can play for whom they like. But surely they don't expect to be compensated for any injury or the treatment paid for if the injury happened on a Sunday game.

Why don't you players play for free and enjoy the game instead of asking how much when asked to play?

Nothing said in this statement reflects on any player or other team and reflects my personal views rather than those of the club. By the way,don't be anonymous – be up front.  



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