Sportspy Extra – Summer special.

You just can't beat watching cricket on an English summer's day whilst knocking back a couple of pints of cider.  Out watching the first twenty overs of South Shore Cricket Club's 2nd XI Cup match against visitors Great Eccleston.  For anyone who is interested here are a few pictures from the match. 

On the one hand taking pictures of cricket is quite easy compared to football as it's easier to predict where the ball will end up.  However, it's far harder to get one of the ball hitting the stumps or being caught without having to take hundreds of pictures.  The sunshine, green grass, warm weather and being able to take pictures whilst sitting down and drinking a pint also helps.

Just like yesterday South Shore were facing a long slog in the field.  Although they didn't manage to take a wicket in the first twenty overs they did manage to restrict the visitors to about sixty runs.

I've no idea how it ended up but Great Eccleston looked a decent side.

Neil Ashford of the Shovels FC opening the bowling at the Garden Centre end.

Right arm over.

Wicket keeper Paul Swallow gathers it.

My son James, “Dad, why do the kids at school call me spotty?”

A good effort but he couldn't stop four runs for Great Eccleston as the ball went over the Boundary.

Some of the first team set up camp on the Boundary for an afternoon of refreshment.

Always best to play with a straight bat.

Swallow stops a fast one with his ribs – try using the gloves mate !  That'll be sore in the morning.

The legend that is South Shore Cricket Club's 'Ivan'.  In about 1974 a group of kids including myself, Ivan and Sean Bickerdike wandered into South Shore Cricket Club and asked if we could play.  Ivan's been there ever since.  The bike he had back then in 1974 is still the same one he has today.  You'd think the tightwad would have bought another by now.

South Shore's star player 'Younas'

Being a pub landlady is all go !  Shovel's landlady Helen takes time out to watch husband Steve captain the 2nd XI.

This time it stays low.

Going for the big hit.

Keeping score.

Get the barbie on whilst the sun is shining.  Nothing like the great smell of burgers and onions wafting across the field to unsettle the opposition batsmen.

Swallow whips the bails off (Bottom right) but the batsman is safe.

Captain Steve Norris (Left).  20 overs gone and it's time for much needed drinks.

Mythop Leisure FC manager Matt Smith keeps the boy entertained on a Sunday afternoon out in the sunshine.

Thirsty work or is he kissing Ivan on the head?

Brummy on the evil weed.


Ivan with the drinks.

Northern Care FC's Adam Pennington (Smiler Junior) showing affection.


The 'Dream Boys' it isn't.

Sportspy 2008/09

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