Mimmos Metrostars FC – Presentation night.

Division 3B side Mimmos Metrostars FC recently held their presentation night at sponsor's Mimmos Italian Restaurant in Cleveleys.  Here are some pictures from the occasion.  I expect that there weren't too many defenders picking up trophies.  Thanks to the team for sending them in.  If you send yours in we'll publish them if the pictures are good enough.

Huey Williams and Brad Fothergill

Loyal supporters.


Dave Woodcock and the missus

Colin Wilson (Top fan) with an empty glass.

Danny Clifford, Damian Ryder and Dave Halliwell

Nick Cannon with Kim (Expectant missus)

Nick and Lee Cannon.


50 goals for mimmos – Stuart Wilson.

Vito – joint restaurant owner and sponsor

Comedy moment – Brad Fothergill.

Dirtiest player – Greg Paul.

Most assists – Stu

Performance of the season – Brad v Burlington

Look mate – just watch the presentation will you.

Goal of the season – Greg v Autoweld

Top scorer – Stu Wilson

Clubman of the year – Danny

Manager's player of the year – Nick Cannon.

Greg Paul.

Dave Halliwell

Mike 'Mullett' Wilson

There's always one – I think we'll leave it there.

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