Top Photo’s 2007/08 (Part 4)

The final instalment of our favourite pictures of the 2007/08 season takes us through from Christmas to the final day on May 11th.  If anyone's interested there's a CD available with the top 440 pictures of he 2007/08 season on a 25 minute Powerpoint presentation available for club presentation nights, keepsake's etc. 

E-Mail for your free copy.

A minute's silence for Mick Elgee.

The Waterloo Hotel FC are heading for a Gledhill semi-final. Gaz Jakins the scorer, Neil Charles congratulates.

Tim Kinley.

Six men restrain pint sized Wayne Gardiner.

Cafu needs to regularly stretch those aging tendons

Fine margins between titles and runners up.

Gavin Hughes.

Derek Sanderson, the growling Jock in South Beach's midfield

Chris Cairns.

Adam Casson.

Alliance top scorer Michael Evans (Right).

Veteran Scott Buchanan.

Craig Saxon.

Iron Man Don Hasson, they don't make them like him any more

Ben McKay.

Winston Piper

Jimmy Robinson.

Vets against the Shovels.

Ashley Casey.

Phil Ioannou.

Alan O'Loughlin.

Nice finish.

Football South Fylde style.

That's the hat trick.

Daniel Hogg.

Anthony Cox.

Eddie Kay.

Joe Greatrex of CTK

Terry Green

Never too shy to get his kit off – Layton's Mark Meehan

Best celebration picture.

Steve 'Grizzly' Taylor of CTK helps an injured foe off the pitch

Nigel Marlow.

Tom Duerden.

Hits the post.

The Cup is ours.

Sandy Gear with the obligatory card to Andy Howarth

Paul Bromley.

Lee Bonney.

Sportspy 2007/08

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