Top Photo’s 2007/08 (Part 2)

In part 2 of our 'Favourite Photo's of 2007/08' we feature managers, club officials and referees.  Without them there would be no Sunday football.  Up next will be our first compilation of player photo's.

Fylde Coast Gates FC manager Brian Carr keeping his eye on the time.

Top picture in this category 'Loyalty'.  Liner in the rain at Commonedge Road.

Derek Burleigh.

Scott Rimmer always shows a good card

Brun Grove FC manager Dennis Beardall in his final season.

Referee of the year Dave Wolfenden.

Lee Willetts.

Tony Zak

Ian Rose.

Saddle FC manager Scott Elliott.

Chris Giles.

Mike Mahoney.

Quilligans FC linesman Brian Croft.

Brian Croft (Top right) and Mike Mahoney (Bottom right) when they were playing in the late sixties/early seventies.

'Zeig Heil !' – Paul Tuffy.

Pulcinellas FC player/manager Paul Haslam.

Graham Nixon.

Referee's favourite & Golden Eagle FC manager Dave Perry.

Layton Institute FC manager Stuart Todd.

Poulton SFC manager Alan Cocker.

Rick Parr.

Blackpool Catholic Club FC manager Owen Burns (Left).

Visualise North FC's Joe Hulme.

Darren Spedding (Quilligans FC) in the shades.

Hydronics FC liner.

Alex Walker.

Ross Swift.

Fleetwood Car Centre FC manager Terry Hargreaves.

Mark Ayre.

Mark Faber.

John Ross – Highfield Social FC

Sundays FC manager Paul Stevens (Sweeper).

Tony Cunliffe – we hope to see him back refereeing on a Sunday next season.

James Burgess – stalwart of Northern Care FC and Northern Care Reserves FC.

Player manager of Cash & Carry Kitchens FC Russ Perrett.

Kelvin Dyson.

Mark Errington.

Barry Cropp, seen here booking Quills players as they come out of the changing rooms. Every credit.

Mark Hughes.

Dave 'Collina' Connor.

Paul Tuffy.

Darren Meehan – Waterloo Hotel FC manager.

John Miles – Camera-shy Blackpool Rangers FC manager.

John McDonald (There's talk of retirement – surely not).

The Burlington FC manager Lee Ramsden.

Spindles FC manager Graham Heathcote.

Spindles FC liner.

Real Kingsfield FC manager Roy Atkinson.

Colin Bascombe.

Stuart Todd and the Layton Instute FC cabal.

Brian Ward.

Progress Sports & Social FC manager David Meehan.


Ali Martin – fiery Clifton Skye FC manager.

D B Builders FC manager Mark Miles.

Squirrel FC player/manager Andrew Wright.

Dave Taylor.

Gez Curry of Bispham Juniors FC.

Max Cobb.

Ward Heating FC manager Mick Hutchinson.

Mark Ayre.

Great Eccleston FC secretary Hugh Glancy.

Alex Lambe.

Pete Lambe.

John Hornsby.

Darren Openshaw – Fairhaven FC manager.

Brian Carr.

Sam Johnson (Left), John Hay and Simon Moore.

Terry Hargreaves.

Northern Care FC manager Gary Collings.

Andy Byrne (Left), Sandy Gear and Kelvin Dyson.

Brian Ward (Left), Mark Bates, Peter Sutton and Ian Rose.

Mick Hutchinson.

John McNicholas.

Max Cobb.

Quilligans FC manager Mark Spedding.

Referees' secretary David Connor.


On behalf of all the players sincere thanks to all the managers, referees, club linesmen, club secretaries, footballing widows, kit washers and all the other 'off pitch' personnel that make our league one of the best officiated and managed in the country.  All your efforts are very much appreciated.

Sportspy 2007/08

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