Top Photo’s 2007/08 (Part 1)

We start our look back at our favourite pictures of the 2007/08 season with a section called 'Just out and about watching'.  A collection of supporter and spectator photographs from around the Fylde Coast.  Next up will be 'officials, managers etc'

Andy Speight (Left) and Liam Frend at Mechs v FC United.

'One more season and I'll let you go to Viz North'  Mark Spedding (Right) has a pre-season chat with Steve Palmer.

Highfield Social FC supporter Big Ryan.

Mr & Mrs Kinley with Paul Bromley (Left)

Blackpool Rangers FC are interested spectators.

Glen Rogerson of Visualise North FC.

FC United fan.

Red Rose Catering FC.

Oliver Chappell (Saddle FC fan)

Little Fat Jacks FC fan Tommy May.

League Chairman Nigel Hough.

Craig Byrom of Sundays FC out injured for most of the season.

Pulcinellas FC fans more interested in skipping.

A couple more young Pulcinellas FC supporters.

Committee enforcer Robin checking on discipline and equipment.

Over from Wigan out watching their side against Hydronics FC in the Lancashire Sunday Trophy.

Young Bamber out watching the Stanley Arms Wesham FC.

Fleetwood Car Centre FC supporter Louis.

Two of the pretty Car Centre supporters Club.

……………..and two more lovely ones.


Car centre sponsor Gennar.

Highfield Social FC follower.

Fairhaven FC supporters sheltering from the rain.

'Best picture' in this category.  Loyal Fylde Coast Gates FC supporter Hannah Wright out in the gales at Commonedge watching brother Henry.

Trades & Social FC supporter.

Shovels FC supporters well prepared for any conditions.

Another one well wrapped up at Commonedge Road.

Quilligans FC supporters. 

A couple of the more older Quilligans FC fanbase.

Ward Heating FC keeping an eye on the opposition.

Fixtures' secretary Carole Cox FC with league secretary Peter Collins.

South Beach FC supporter Lucy Mason.

Nina – Miss Layton Institute Juniors FC.

League registration secretary Dennis Peters.

Veteran referee Dave Taylor (Left) with John McNicholas.

Burlington FC supporter.

Miss Spindles FC.

The newest Shovels FC supporter.

West Coast Tackle Postal FC supporters.

Burlington FC fans.

Young Gorrie who rarely misses a Quilligans FC fixture home and away.

I think she's a Progress Sports & Social FC supporter or it might be Frenchman's Cove FC.

Nodded off.

Discipline secretary Dave Hall.

Mr Peters wrapped up against the elements of Boundary Park.

Hydronics FC – always out watching when they've no game.

 Car Centre MWAGS.

Martin Cardwell (Left), Glen Rogerson and Tim Kinley of Visualise North FC.

Even more Car Centre girls.  Bizarre for such an ugly side.

CTK FC supporter Jack Taylor with dad Wayne.

Gates supporter Nathan with dad Brian.

Thanks to all the supporters and spectators who brave the wet, windy and freezing conditions of Fylde Coast football pitches every Sunday morning to watch their teams.  Your support is much appreciated by all concerned.

Sportspy 2007/08

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