Presentation night – 2007/08 season.

Working up a good hangover at the Layton Institute watching the presentation of awards for the 2007/08 BFSFA season.  A wise move taking today off.

The silverware.

Peter Collins.

Division 3B winners Spindles FC “Goal difference, goal difference, goal difference…………….”

Division 3B runners up Burlington FC.  “Not by much, not by much, not by much”.

Division 3A winners FC Eden.

Division 3A runners up – Progress Sports & Social FC.

Division 2B winners – Pulcinellas FC.

Division 2B runnners up – Fleetwood Car Centre FC.

Division 2A winners Ward Heating FC.

Division 2A runners up – Visualise North FC.

Division 1 winners – Sundays FC.

Division 1 runners up – Blackpool Rangers FC

BFSFA champions – Quilligans FC.

BFSFA runners up – Layton Institute FC

The best set of lads to play against in Sunday football – Jacks FC.

“Open yer    ….kin eyes ref!”   Top whistler Dave Wolfenden.

Best club liner – Matt Bradshaw of the Stable Bar FC.

Safe hands – top keeper Tony Clowes of Quilligans FC.  Ex Blackpool FC star Colin Methven handing out tonight's trophies.

Top goalscorer in the Premier Division – Poulton SFC's Carl Eastwood.

Top goalscorer in 2A – Ward Heating FC's Graham Hutchinson.

Alliance top scorer 2007/08 – Michael Evans of the Burlington FC.

Manager of the year – Mark Spedding of Quilligans FC

Quilligans FC skipper Robbie Boal picks up the Premier Division Trophy to the hearty cheers of the big crowd.

Brian Croft – Associated with Sunday football for over 40 years in various guises.

Meehan's back's gone again.

Layton manager Stuart Todd.

Craig Byrom of Sundays FC who managed to stay upright this year.

The baying mob.

Eden are Champions.

Burlington FC happy with the choice of Alliance top scorer. 

Tasty barmaid – dusky eyes and an accent to die for.

Discipline Secretary Dave Hall

Ward Heating FC.

Sundays FC – away with the fairies.

'If we don't tell Joel he'll never find out'.  Glenn 'Cafu' Rogerson with fixtures secretary Carole Cox.

Referees secretary Dave Connor.

Ward Heating FC with the 2A trophy.

'Bonney & Clyde'.  Good to see Lee Bonney and Woodsy of 'Lags Eleven FC' at the presentation night.

'Can't talk…………..drinking'.  Getting late as John McNicholas sinks another.


'You're 'avin a a laugh!'  BFSFA Treasurer Dennis Wilde is presented with the committee bar tab.

The Quilligans FC backroom staff.

'Who's the daddy?'  Darren Spedding metamorphising into the image of his dad.

'A don't care what time it is – give me another one'.  Terry Hargreaves – Fleetwood Car Centre FC manager.

Mark Meehan of Layton Institute FC.

Layton Institute FC manager Stuart Todd.

Jim Provan of Quilligans FC (Left).

Progress Sports & Social FC manager David Meehan (Right)

Dave Meehan, Mark Meehan & Braveheart with Committee Wag

Last two men standing in Rumours… Gordon Reeves & Stuart Todd

Back to bed for another hour.

Sportspy 2007/08

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