Sportspy Reports – Sunday May 11th 2008.

Photographs from Elswick and Boundary Park where the last three matches of the 2007/08 season were taking place.  Two sides needed a win in order to finish runners up and another needed three points to win a Divisional title.  Would they get them?

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We had to wait until the very last Sunday of the season for hot and dry weather and it's strange how quickly all those wet and freezing cold morning's on Commonedge are forgotten.  Firstly, it was a leisurely drive to Great Eccleston to call in on Ward Heating FC as they needed a win to secure the 2A title.  Not the best of starts to the day as the posts were down at Great Eccleston.  Fortunately, the Great Eccleston secretary Hugh Glancy was there picking up equipment and he told me that the game had been switched at the last minute to Gorst Farm, Elswick which is one of the furthest outposts of Fylde Coast Sunday football. 

I followed him to the ground which is difficult to find for the first time but eventually I was driving through the farm gate past the sign that said, 'Drive in for home grown rhubarb'.  Well it wasn't that bad.  The game kicked off fifteen minutes late.

“Fancy a couple of steaks lads?” shouts Lee 'Rustler' Bonney, the Ward Heating keeper.


I'll let someone else have a go.

Ward Heating FC manager Mick Hutchinson.

An early tussle.

Good catch from Eccleston keeper.

Referee Max Cobb.

Bonney in trouble again.

Just before the quarter hour mark Ward Heating took the lead.  A strong and determined run down the right wing from Morrisison resulted in him shrugging off the defender and fetting a shot in on goal.  The Eccleston keeper could only parry it and there was Graeme Hutchinson to pounce on the rebound to put his sde ahead whilst settling the nerves.

Hutchinson puts Ward Heating FC 1-0 up.

A pastoral idyll out in Elswick but no running water means that it probably won't be used as a BFSFA venue next season.

Hutchinson misses a sitter as strike partner Morrison unselfishly gifts him a golden opportunity.  No problem in the end as Ward Heating FC won the 2A title with a 5-1 win and with striker Hutchinson winning the 2A Golden Boot.  Well done to Ward.

Eccleston fans out in Elswick already well away on the beer.  Normal Sunday dress in the sticks apparently.

Did you ever see the film 'Escape to victory?'……………I don't think he's coming back.

Off then to Boundary Park for the last 45 minutes of the season.  Poulton SFC were looking to finish runners up in the Prem by beating Hydronics FC and Fleetwood Car Centre FC required a win against Mythop Leisure to finish ahead of the Saddle in second place in 2B.

Well Fleetwood Car Centre just about managed a win against a well organised Mythop.  They won 2-1 which was enough to secure that runners up spot whilst adding to the Division 2 Cup victory.  No such luck for Poulton who were well beaten 4-2 by Hydronics FC.  Layton Institute now finish in second.  Poulton finished in third whilst beaten Gledhill finalists Hydronics ended a memorable first season in the Prem by finishing in fifth.

Here are a few pictures from both games.

Poulton (Red) v Hydronics.  The grass needed cutting.

Young Danny Morris.

Paul Bailey smashes a penalty past the Poulton keeper to make it 4-1.

With the keeper AWOL Tom Porter is called upon to head it off the line.

Lee Willetts.

Pranem Patel.

Getting close amongst the dandelions, Carl Spedding and 'Dunes' target Liam Frend.

Mythop Leisure FC (Yellow) against Fleetwood Car Centre FC

Just like my stomach that.

Matt Rainbow scores one of the best goals of the season and gets a hug from manager Matt Smith.

The all important goal for the Car Centre that put them 2-1 up and ended up securing runners up spot in 2B.

12:20 and Chairman Nigel Hough arrives.  We can let him off for having a lie in on the final day.



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