Fyldesport Vets FC in action soon.

The game between Fyldesport Vets FC and a touring veterans' side from Kent has been confirmed for Saturday April 26th.  The match will be played at Collins Park and will kick off at 2:30pm.  It's time to dust off those boots and indulge in a bit of light training in the run up to the big fixture.  Please come and support the team – they need it.

Arrangements and expectations.

(If you can't meet them please let me know ASAP)

Members of the squad are expected to be at Collins Park changed, puffing and panting and introducing themselves to their new teammates by 2pm at the very latest.

John Miles of Blackpool Rangers FC will be responsible for providing the kit, footballs, first aid kit and drinks by 13:42.

The game will be 90 minutes.  There will be no extra time or penalties needed due to our emphatic victory.

In the name of good manners and that famous Fylde Coast hospitality we will be entertaining our visitors across the road in the Shovels Pub after the match.  Fyldesport.com owns you all until 6pm and then you're free to go.  I will try and arrange to have a buffet laid on at the Shovels but if not two meals for

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