Sportspy Reports – Sunday February 24th 2008.

Calling in at many of the matches being played on and around a cold and breezy Commonedge Road this morning including three important games at the top of the Premier Division and Division 1.

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First up was the Division 1 match between Northern Care Reserves FC (Orange) and Real Kingsfield FC.  This was an important fixture for both teams at the wrong end of the table.  Not much between these two evenly matched sides and so it proved as Real Kingsfield FC grabbed a 1-0 away win.

 The Kingsfield defence spot who's up front for their opposition…

Elvis is enjoying the move from centre half to goalkeeper for Northern Care Reserves FC. Apparently when handed the gloves he curled his lip and said “thankyou very much”

Kingsfield go very close to scoring the opener from an Anthony Cox header.

'Keeper's ball !'

Kingsfield manager Roy Atkinson.

On Pitch 6 Sundays FC were hosting the Dunes Hotel FC (Black) in the top of the table Division 1 clash.  Not many games left now for Sundays and surely the title isn't far away after their latest victory.  No kit at 11am but when it finally arrived they soon settled down and hardly looked in any trouble during a 3-1 home win.

Dunes Hotel FC manager Andrew Speight.

Asprin please.

Ben McKay.

Across the dyke on Pitch 7 Highfield Social Reserves FC were hosting Clifton Skye FC (Blue) in Division 2B.  Skye have been improving of late but not by enough to avoid a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Highfield this morning.

Referee Mike Mahoney sorts out some shovin' and pushin' before a Skye corner.

Clifton Skye FC player/manager Alasdair Martin.

Ali Martin is down after taking a bad knock.

The sub in the background sniffs an opportunity.

Clifton Skye FC secretary Karen not overly concerned at Ali's plight.

On Pitch 3 the North Mount FC made their debut in front of the fyldesport cameras.  The BFSFA' s bottom club were away at Trades & Social FC who've been picking up points in recent weeks.  Trades (Yellow) picked up three more this morning following a 3-1 win to leave them in seventh place in 3B tonight.

The North Mount keeper.

Has to be a contender for the 'Best-Dressed Keeper Award'

Next door on Pitch 2 the Bloomfield Vets were not happy about being turfed off their usual Pitch (1) by West Coast Tacke Postal (Get the net up ealier lads !)  However, it all ended in smiles as they picked up three points in tough looking fixture against the Shovels. 3-0 was the final score and the Vets stay second.  Shovels FC are in the Sunderland kit.

Mr Bascombe in charge of this one.

The Shovels' youngest fan Madison 'Brum' Ashford out watching the side this morning.

Andy Gouck pounces during a scramble in the Shovels' box.

…..and then watches the ball cross the line for the opener.

A despondent Danny Jardine on his way to retrieve the ball from the back of the net.

Vets' keeper Trevor Gray.  Bar 19 FC bruiser in the background.

Injured Shovels FC striker Lee O'Neil (Far left)

Mr Bascombe has a serious chat with Andy Gouck.

On Pitch 1 we had the Division 2A game between West Coast Tackle Postal and Blackpool Catholic Club.  During the fifteen minutes I was in attendance the Catholics were well on top forcing a string of corners and having a long range effort turned over the bar.  West Coast Tackle (Blue) then went 2-1 up against the run of play and never looked back as they went on to win 4-2.

Steve Wright.

The West Coast keeper.

Wesley Standaloft.

Veteran Steve Conroy (centre)

West Coast supporter.

Bobby Bonser.

West Coast Tackle Postal FC club secretary Mr Standaloft.

Burlington FC supporters.

Finally, it was over to Collins Park to watch the last half an hour of the big Premier Division match between Quilligans FC(White) against leaders Layton Institute.  On arrival it was still 0-0 and with Layton kicking down the slope with the wind on their backs Quilligans proud home record at this venue could have been in danger.

Shortly after I got there Lee Catlow missed a sitter when it looked easier to score.  Danny Rowe finally made the breakthrough for Quilligans and Catlow rounded off a miserable afternoon in front of goal when his penalty was saved by the impressive Layton keeper.  1-0 was the final score but a good effort from Layton.

Danny Rowe is surrounded – watch the ball and not his feet.

The same goes for Ioannou.

A young Quills' fan happy with Blackpool FC's superb performance yesterday.

Flashpoint ! Robbie Boal (8) clatters Crossie.

“Lads – can I remind you that I'm the reason why you're all arguing and I am in some pain you know”

“Am I invisible or what?”

Layton's Steve Kennedy

The police keep a close eye on the Layton bench.

Clowes elects to punch.

Mr Wolfenden.

Mark Meehan

Rowe, out of picture on the right, cuts inside and scores the all important goal to the delight of Lee Catlow.

Pitch invader.

Cheers ref.

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