The end for Progress Property Management FC?

Official message from the club.

It is with the deepest regret that Progress Property Management F.C. have tendered their resignation from the BFSFA season 2007/2008. As Secretary, Treasurer, Manager and Player I look back on the two and a half years the club existed in the league with good memories.

The club formed in Division 3B with some excellent players signing on for us, the pick of the bunch obviously being former Wimbledon player and present Blackpool Wrens centre midfielder Paul Cook. Along with Cookie we had some exciting and very skillful young players pass through our books, players like Alan Thompson, Gary Pett, Brian Manchester, Danny Porter and many many more.

Couple these players with other young but experienced footballers and the club had the making of a vary successful outfit. Indeed success was instant and the club secured the Division 3B title ahead of Blackpool Rangers in their first year. We quickly followed that seasons successes when we secured the division 2B title the following year. Plus if i remember correctly Mick never did have us down as his tip for the title in either year.

PPM FC have also been involved in a number of off the field antics during our short stay in the league. Self labelled 'Team Pretty' had their fair share of opposition on the shoutbox and during their first season had a longstanding web war with John Miles Blackpool Rangers FC.

All of this added to the experience and enjoyability factor of playing Sunday after Sunday. Plus also having another team in Poulton to wind up our rivals also added to the mix.

48 players in total have passed through PPM FC and each one has left its mark on the club be it good or bad. The club have had a mixture of characters involved, none more so than our good chairman Barney Woolcock who, through the side, has now turned himself into a popular figure on the fylde coast.

At this time i would also like to take the opportunity to officially explain the reasons behind our promotion to the Premier Division, because upon hearing this news i know that everyone will be thinking…'arrogance and to much ego has cost them and caused them to fold'.

However for the record as Secretary i can tell you that the league contacted us on whether we would like promotion to the Prem, and that if we declined we would probably leave the Prem in a sticky situation as all of Division One and Blackpool Rangers had refused. After speaking to fellow members of my side and looking at the players we had, we thought it would be a good idea and a great experience of mixing with the best that Sunday football in Blackpool has to offer. Also the chance to play Poulton FC was just too tempting.

May I add that when the decision was made to accept the leagues invitation our squad was somewhat different to what it was at the start of the season. We had Alan Thompson, Carl Eastwood, Gary Pett, Danny Porter & Tim Kilpatrick (great young keeper) however, due to Poulton signing Eastwood, Thompson, Pett and Porter (all of which are now in their starting line up) and Kilpatrick going to university we were left short. I think you would all agree that taking these players out of your side would mean that a mid table finish would quickly mean a relegation battle on the cards.

In conjunction to this other players have taken a step back from playing Sundays due to other commitments, Chris Pett (regular Poulton Town first teamer), Ben Scowcroft (regular Poulton Town player) have not featured as much this season.We simply have not been able to replace the quality of these players and as a result other players have now seen their interest in Sunday league football decline. Getting numbers has now become an uphill battle! I would like therefore to thank all the teams that we have played against since our formation 3 years ago and hope the league goes from strength to strength in the future.

Phil Brown

Progress Property Management FC

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