Kent Vet’s side to face Fyldesport XI in April

A Fyldesport Vets XI made up of sunday league player/managers and player/secretaries will face a Kent Vets touring XI on saturday April 26th 2008.

Our Fyldesport Vets XI will be made up of over-35's player/managers and player/secretaries from the BFSFA.

Maximum squad of 22 so everyone can play 45 minutes if fit enough!

We're looking for a ground to play at, preferably with a clubhouse and bar. Any offers from Mechs, Wrens, Fleetwood, Norcross or Squires Gate appreciated.

All expenses for the match will be shared between the Fyldesport squad and our guests so there will be some subs to pay.

We will also hope to have a small trophy for the winning team plus a man-of-the-match trophy.

If you want to play in the match email Sportspy on stating your preferred starting position and the length of minutes you reckon you would be fit enough for.

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