Rules are rules !

I write this same article every season but with Sunday footballers not being the cleverest of people every season a team gets thrown out of the Divisional Cup for rule breaking.  Don't fall foul of the fourteen day rule.  Read on!

If you require any clarification whatsoever please call Dennis Peters on 391055.

Cup Rules – See rule (3) especially.


2 No individual shall play for more than 1 team in the same season in any Cup Competition, Divisional Competition or Knock-Out Competition, even if that individual played for a team which has since resigned or have been dismissed from the B.F.S.F.A.                                   

3 Each player must have been a registered player of his club on an official League Registration form, or Transfer form at least 14 days before the match, have taken part in at least 2 games before a semi final and have played in 4 games before a final in that season within the League. This rule will not apply to the Knock-Out Cup before 1st October, before which date players in this “all- division” competition can be signed as for League matches.

4 Up to 30 September each season players can be signed as for League matches.

5 For Registration qualification in the case of postponed, drawn, or replayed matches, only those players who were eligible on the date fixed in the first place will be allowed to play.

6 Only if substitutes are used in a match should they be named on the team sheet. Referees to name substitutes, if used, on report form.

7 Any club  playing an unregistered or ineligible player will be struck out of the competition and any other punishment that the Discipline Committee may determine. The ineligible player may be dealt with as per the General Rule on “Registration of Players“.


(F) Subject to The Football Association Rules dealing with players without a written contract when a player desires a transfer,  the Club the player wishes to transfer to shall submit a transfer form to the Registration Secretary accompanied by a fee of

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