Is it the end for Layton Institute FC ?

As the debate regarding the staying power, or lack of it, of players and teams in the Premier Division rages across Fylde Coast footballing circles Braveheart from the Layton makes an impassioned plea to save the club.

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You play a few seasons in the lower Divisions losing only the odd game, scoring lots of goals and racking up some great victories in the league and Cup and everything's just fine and dandy as you collect the medals and trophies basking in the glory of your own magnificence and then you reach the Premier Division.

Suddenly, you're on the wrong side of a couple of bad hammerings and before you know it half of your players are off to seek fresh challenges, (mainly in the lower Divisions because they can't stomach losing), or wish to spend more time with the family.  Excuses for 'no shows' grow weaker especially in bad weather or when it's time to play the leaders.

On Sunday Layton Institute FC failed to raise a team against Quilligans FC in the Premier Division Cup so they scratched allowing the holders and favourites a smooth passage through to the semi finals whilst at the same time devaluing the competition.   

Manager Stuart 'Braveheart' Todd says the exodus of players after a couple of recent maulings by the likes of Poulton has stretched resources to the limit and that the club may fold. 

Will Layton go the same way as Bloomfield WMC, Anchorsholme, McDonald Property, the Old Vic and possibly Bispham Juniors/Cahoots ? 

Stuart had this to say to Fyldesport when we caught up with him after a long night on the phone, his face begrutten, (stained with tears), and an empty bottle of White Horse by his side ;

Micky ma boy,

Just read your article on ma puter (PC) re the Cup and yes we didn

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