Sportspy Reports – Sunday March 18th 2007.

As with the recent Division 2 Cup quarter finals the weather intervened once again for the last eight of the Division 1 competition.  The Dunes FC v Brannigans FC was to be the featured tie at Blackpool Road, St Annes but the strong gales resulted in a postponement.

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The 2006/07 season will be looked back upon as being fairly mild but very wet.  Not much frost, snow and ice this season but lots of wind and rain.  It was a very windy morning at Blackpool Road, St Annes and getting colder by the minute.

In all honesty, I'm not too much of a fan of either the Division 1 Cup  or the Premier Division Cup.  These are the only Cup competions I know in football that don't give teams the opportunity to play against different opposition.  If I had my way the Prem and Div 1 Cups would merge.  This would throw up some interesting and unpredictable ties.  Anyway, on the with the game in hand.

After finishing eighth in Division 1 last season the Dunes are currently down in eighth place but a strong finish in the league may see them ending up in seventh.  Only five wins from seventeen games tells its own story.  Although their league form hasn't been particularly memorable they've excelled thus far in Cup competitions.  A great run in the Gledhill took Steve Angus' team to the quarter finals where they played very well in a 3-1 defeat to Quilligans.  Earlier in the competition they'd beaten rivals AFC Dunes, Prem side Harris & Co and Brannigans Reserves. 

To get this far in the Division 1 Cup they'd had to overcome CTK FC 4-1 in the opening round.  Today's quarter final opponents were Brannigans and going into late March the two sides are still to meet in the league this season.  Last season Branningans took four points after a 4-2 win and a 3-3 draw.  This morning Darren Meehan's Brannigans side were sixth in the table and with fifteen points still to play for third place is still achievable via a strong finish.

After a first round bye Brannigans' interest in the Gledhill ended in round 2 as they were beaten 6-2 by Poulton.  In the opening round of the Division 1 Cup they set up today's tie by beating Northern Care 4-0.  A semi final tie against either the New Castle or Hydronics lay in wait for the victors.

But the above preparation was for nothing as all the games at the venue were called off due to the heavy gales

Blackpool Rangers' manager John Miles jogs two hundred yards to retrieve his hat.

Wot, no games?  The windsock in the background tells the story.

Certainly no easy morning for Pump & Truncheon Celtic as manager Dave Smyth gets them out for some light training.

Off in search of a game then but across at Commonedge and Collins Park the car parks were emptying quickly.  Spare a thought for the mobile caterer who'd set up and cooked a load of bacon and sausage.  I helped them out and then it was over to Wren Rovers where Arcadian were at home to Highfield Social.

Game on !

The Highfield/Cahoots merger rumours continue as Cahoot's manager Mark Faber watches on.

Highfield were 1-0 up and that's how it stayed.  Well done Highfield on that much needed win.  I also went next door where  Northern Care met CTK FC.  More merger rumours there as well as senior Clarence officials were in attendance.

That's enough of that.  With the corrugated stands looking to fly off towards Preston and the floodlights bending in the wind it was back home for a cup of tea.  Another good win for CTK (3-1) as they make further ground on the leaders.

Sportspy 2006/07

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