Sportspy Reports – The missing weeks.

A few photographs from recent weeks gone by.

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Bonfire night saw the 4th Round of the Gledhill Cup.  One of the ties of the round was played at Wrea Green where the unbeaten 3A leaders were taking on Arcadian who were struggling.  An upset was on the cards so like a vulture I was circling overhead.  However, it wasn't to be.  The Premier Division side were excellent throughout and had the game sewn up by half time.  3-1 was the final score.

Wrea Green wouldn't have minded being beaten by the better side but they were disappointed that they did not perform to the best of their capabilities.

In the aftermath we had controversy as Wrea Green were awarded a place in the Quarter Finals due to Arcadian inadvertently fielding an ineligible player.  This was purely by accident.  It still seems unfair that the punishment for purposefully fielding an ineligible player and falsifying the team sheet in a Cup game appears to be exactly the same for those making a genuine and honest mistake but Rules are Rules.

Dougie Shaw is mobbed after scoring a great header.

Wrea Green keeper Hassan gathers the ball.

Micky Horsfall in goals.

On into December and the beginning of the bad weather.  I can't remember one as wet and windy as the one we've been having.  December 3rd was one of the windiest this season, so much so that all but one of the games at Commonedge Road were postponed.  At Collins Park we saw Quilligans take on Cahoots in the Lancashire Cup.  Disappointingly it was a very one sided affair as Quills romped to a 7-0 victory but bizarrely Micky Horsfall was involved once again.

The game is brought to a dramatic standstill as Horsfall's dog invaded the pitch.  The dog, like its owner, appropriately dressed for the stormy weather made straight for Bracewell's crotch.  A 'Benny Hill' type chase ensued before the beast was finally apprehended but it still had time to leave a steaming deposit just outside the box.  Fortunately, unlike a lot of others around Commonedge, Horsfall proved himself to be a responsible owner in the picture below as the poop was duly scooped.

With the wind gusting to extreme levels all but one of the games over on the main Commonedge pitches were postponed but referee Ben McDonald offered the Waterloo Hotel and the aptly named Windmill FC the option of playing and they bit his hand off. The Windmill came out on top with a 3-1 win in the 3B clash.

Hard work.

Referee Ben McDonald.

Both the goal net and the corner flag help highlight the strength of the wind.  The keeper was struggling to clear the box with his goal kicks.

The trees and the flag bend in the wind.

The Sunday before Christmas saw a more typical programme at Commonedge Road.  The Division 3 Cup got underway and out over the ditch saw the game between McKenzies Estates FC and Metrostars FC.  A good game to watch this one as McKenzies finally went through after a 5-4 win.

Metrostars in the blue get the game underway.

Over on Pitch 5 AFC Links Hotel took on Claremont Cons in a re-arranged Division 2 Cup tie.  Although Claremont won relatively easily there were the first signs that Links may be turning the corner.

This time it's referee John McDonald who keeps a watchful eye on proceedings.

Next door on Pitch 6 Cahoots FC met the Clarence in a Premier Division fixture.  The game finished all square at 0-0.

Cahoots keeper Andy Speight watches on.

Not a lot of Christmas spirit in the air after the game.

Then we had a three week break for Christmas and New Year before we were underway again on January 7th.  In the Quarter Final of the Lancashire Cup Quilligans travelled to the Preston Sports Centre to play much fancied Ingol Rangers.  It turned out to be a game to remember as the Blackpool side turned in one of their best ever performances as they went on to crush the opposition 7-0.  Good luck to Quilligans in the semi final.  If you've not seen them there are two goals plus the move that led to a penalty on live video accessable by using the link on the left hand side of the fyldesport homepage.

Keeper Whiteside only had one real save to make throughout the entire 90 minutes and this was it as he turned an Ingol free kick around the post for a corner.

January 14th witnessed little improvement in the weather as the wind blew hard once again at Commonedge Road.  On Pitch 1 the Burlington and the Royal played out a 1-1 draw in the terrible conditions.

The Royal's Tim Kinley

Surely not another playing comeback for Mike Mahoney ?  Unfortunately not as the Royal's black kit necessitated a change of refereeing jersey.

Burlington's keeper

Martin Cardwell.

Elswick hosted Progress Property in the Division 2 Cup.  Progress conceded straight from the kick off but quickly re-asserted themselves to romp to an 8-1 win.

AFC Links upset the Shovels over on Pitch 8 with a 2-1 win in Division 2A, a result that's started a good run.  In the picture below Ex Links keeper Phil Wrigley is beaten.  In an attempt to get his foot over the ball the Link's forward (Obscured by the post) drives his shot into the turf deceiving Wrigley as it looped nto the net.

In Division 2A Talbot Sports & Social beat Little Fat Jacks 2-1.  Jack's new Black and White 'rugby style' kit didn't bring them much luck.

Man down.

On Pitch 7 the Arcadian Hotel met the Clarence and it was honours even as the game finished in a 1-1 draw.

Clarence keeper Jamie Cooke showing why a lot of goalies end up with a bad back.

All the recent rain made it far more difficult when retrieving the ball from the ditch.

On Pitch 5 the Waterloo Pub hosted the Fairhaven in 3B.  The Lytham outfit were going well and came away with a 3-0 away win.

Mr Bascombe.

Fairhaven in the blue.

One of the Truby boys takes a tumble.

Pitch 6 saw the Premier Division game between Cahoots and Poulton.  Cahoots recent poor form in front of goal resulted in a 3-0 defeat.

Danny Morris.

January 21st and in the preceeding days we saw the strongest winds of the winter so far.  Thursday night's gale brought down much of the Collins Park fence at either end of the ground.  That fence was far from cheap and with it being newly built and 50% 'air' a number of questions have to be asked about the job.As a result the Arcadian v Highbury game was moved but still called off due to waterlogging.  However, I was across the ditch watching 3B leaders Brunswick demolish the Gynn Hotel 10-0.

Long shorts or short longs ?  This Gynn player keeps off the chill.

West Coast (Blue) 6 v 0 Old England

Shovels 2 – 0 Fleetwood Kings

Attention distacted away from the football by a loud scraping sound.  The plane above makes a noisy landing on one wheel.

Sportspy 2006/07

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