Memory Lane – 1972/73 Season (Part 1)

In our third instalment of the series we go back thirty-three years to the 1972/73 Season.  There was lot's of interesting stuff going on back then so we've split this into three parts.

Thanks once again to Dave Taylor, long standing committee member and referee of over fifty years for giving full access to his collection of press cuttings.

An introductory piece for the new season explaining name changes and welcoming the new teams including Kirkham and Wesham and Burtons.  Cleveleys Spectrons and manager/secretary Nigel Hough move home to the Dunes where they're still based today.

A profile of the Dunes FC from that season.

Shocked and surprised at Sands having a lady secretary, Yes ! A lady – Miss Stephens previously with the Boars Head.  Brian Croft still recovering from his broken leg.

It gets worse.  You couldn't get away with this kind of stuff these days.  The 'loveley ladies' moving away from the touchline and setting up what is probably today's Poulton & District Junior Football league.

Mid season transfers, weddings and a reminder for those few teams with nets to get them up on time.

The new disciplinary code based on a points basis.  This must have been very difficult to administer and it's little wonder that it didn't last very long.  'Gesticultating in front of a player taking a free kick ?!

The new committee.

Early mid season player poaching but it worked as can be seen from the mid season transfers shown higher up.  Chris Giles surprisingly not involved.

Can last season's top goal scorer be beaten ?  Profile on the Queensway FC.

The league shop begins to operate.  I bet the T Shirts were not as good as ours.

First week's match reports.

St Annes Traders lose for the first time in eighteen months.

Maybe they would have been cheered up by the Inter Divisional swimming gala.  Anybody up for it ?

Profile on Gledhills.  If it's the same John Streetley he went on to play for Mechanics and was still seen refereeing in the Alliance last season.

Round 1 Gledhill results.

Alan Cocker (Current Poulton manager) scores an extra time Round 1 Gledhill winner)

Profile on Strand FC new to the league.

Early tables showing the five Divisions.

The new

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