Thirty eight years ago the Sunday League in this area started in its present form.  Thanks to Dave Taylor, committee member and local referee of over fifty years has been given unique access to his collection of press cuttings from those early seasons.  Sit your old man on the computer, make sure he has his glasses and get ready for some of those old stories he’s famous for.  Coming soon 1971/72.


This is the first article in our ‘Memory Lane’ series.  It may be of little interest to many of you playing today but please let your dad’s know of its existence.  If you’re in possession of any old scrapbooks/photo’s/tables and would like to see those Sunday football memories on the internet for others to share please E-mail me (Mick) at

You can rest assured that any documents will be well looked after and returned within a few days.We start with the 1967/68 season.  There’s a few surnames I recognise from players playing today.

Here’ s an article that may amuse Squires Gate manager Stuart Parker (Maybe not).  It only goes to show that the Saturday v Sunday dilemma for local footballers was still raging all those years ago.

Early Tables showing the five Divisions.

Sportspy 1967 (No relation)  I notice there’s a Betmead (Jim ?)and Kev Padgett playing for Nook Rovers.

And another.  Ex boss Mike Farrer unavailable for Masers and the Roach brothers who went on to play for Mechanics.

Some things never change, who were those ‘naughty boys’ of 1967/68 ?  Johnny Bradshaw didn’t seem a man you could mess around.  Substitutes only allowed for injured players.

Bad lads – here they are, pity they don’t name and shame them these days.