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The Club profiles are beginning to come in.  Here's the first two from the Links Reserves FC of Division 3B and Marshall Court of Division 3A.  Please send your club profiles to for inclusion on the site.

                                LINKS HOTEL RESERVES FC PROFILES

Phil Wrigley

The Links Reserves number 1 has gained a new dimension to his play this season, showing an excellent command of his box. Wrigleys 'mint' pre-season, and the acquisition of some new gloves (controversially self financed), has led to a new found confidence and understanding at the back.

Stuart Eldridge

Eldridge would give his back teeth to see the team do well, providing crucial back-up to Wrigley in net, and also has played well in the role of full-back for the 3 minutes before he gets injured every game. Now an FA qualified coach, will teach the squad a new trick or two. On a comical note, no one will ever forget Stuarts theatrical save a few seasons ago, which resulted in him head-butting the goal post!

Martin Curry

'The Skipper' has selflessly dropped into central defence to stop the rot and it has undoubtedly worked. MC is influential at the back, and marshals the back-line with great authority. 'The Curry is hot' at the moment scoring for fun from set-pieces. The Defensive jig saw looks complete with this team re-shuffle.

Chris Wilson

The Senior Wilson, Chris is an experienced right-back, who isn't afraid to go in hard, and answer back to the referee, opposition players and fans alike. Always gives 100% to the cause.

Carl Boardman

'Boardy' finally signed for the team in the summer after training with them last season. Has started out his Links Reserves career playing in central defence, and has made many crucial tackle. Has a thunderous shot on him, and was unlucky to finish the summer without a goal to his name.

Kevin Zakrewski

Injury during the pre-season, The Ivan Campo hair-a-like has had to watch from the sidelines. Assured Centre-Half will no doubt be putting pressure on the team when he returns to full fitness. Zakrewski offers a much needed aerial presence in defence, gaining 4 inches from his bonce.

Phil Wilson

With the Wilson's being the clubs answer to the Neville brothers, fans have been wondering when Phil will be leaving for Everton. Instead, the committed player is staying and will be drinking at a football pitch near you!

Neil Tate

'Tatey' was brought into the team to shore up the defense. Initially played as a left-back, the Links local lad has moved across into centre-half and is forming a formidable partnership with Martin Curry. Breaks down and frustrates opponents attacking play in the final third and clears the ball
out of defense in a 'no-nonsense' style.

Andy Kearsley

'You'll never beat the Kearsley' is the new terrace chant about the sausage butty campaigner. Tim Cahill has broken into the first team after some disappointing 'still pissed up' performances last season. Stopping the oppositions pacey wingers is now second nature to the left back who looks like he's played there all his life.

David Horrocks

“The scorecrow” has hit a rich vein of form pouncing on any loose balls on the edge of the area. The quiet man of the team manages to elude the oppositions radar on numerous occasions, and get himself involved in some great attacking play. A very good acquisition to the team.

Daniel Isaacs

'Young Danny Boy' doesn't care about the size of the opposition and will get stuck in. Initially started last season as full back, some pre-season experimentation by Uncle Dave has led to him proving to be an attacking nuisance out on the right wing.

Troy Johnson

The midfield terrior rampages his way through the opposition with no fear. Warrior Troy swapped his old swashbuckling days for a place in the Links Reserves squad. Also rumoured to have a nipple fettish.

James Dewhurst

Like a  Double Edged Knife, Dewhurst provides a dynamic attacking dimension to the team and also a rock solid defensive guise – with some supporters groups saying he should be playing there! The Links number 15 is also dangerous from set pieces winning many a header. Will get many goals this season, playing from either midfield or as a striker.

Danny Barnes

Turns every throw-in, into a goal opportunity, and plays a key part in the attacking play from midfield. Recently critised for not being able to tackle grapes, this player proved that attack is the best form of defence with multiple goals and assists at this early stage of the season. *2% body fat was lost during the writing of this profile.

Mark May

Given the very original nickname 'squaddie' mark by his team mates, the midfield 'general' 'commands' the centre of the park. Able to 'quick step' past his opponents, and play the killer pass to the 'left right left right' flanks. Also known to tire out the team before kick-off with 'military' warm ups.

Matt Tismond

Given the very childish 'jizzmond' nickname by his team mates, Tismond can play in midfield or defence. Although a fringe player (ironically with no fringe), Tismond offers versatile options and physical strength from the bench.

Matthew Beaumont

Scored a 'beautiful' goal on his debut verses The Burlington, the beautiful mountain will no doubt prove to be a shrewd signing by the manager. This midfield dynamo will relish the fight for places in the first XI.

Liam Craine

Once foolishly labelled 'slow motion winger' in his early days, the now fit attacker latches on to through balls with often devastating effect. Sometimes critisced for not defending, but rumoured to be able to play left-back. Plays a key part in set pieces by marking the keeper.

Ashley Mcgough

Striker Ash has turned criticisms into ashisms with his recent brace against Wesham which has further cemented his place. Has a neat touch, and a killer finish and plays a part in the majority of attacks with inch perfect flick-ons. Also the founder of the players New Mini owners club.

Dave Neil

'The Gaffer' has built up a good squad over the summer, and has created a vibrant team spirit that has been absent in previous campaigns. An injury last season against CLS Wyre temporarily ended the number 43's playing career. A believer in attacking football, and 'one touch one bounce'. Famous quotes include “Don't Let The Ball Bounce” and “I've always said this team will score goals!”.

Marshall Court F.C.
Formed                                                           01/06/1991
Managers                                                       Vic Hudson     (1991- 2002)
                                                                       Bill Gibson      (2002- 2003)
                                                                       Simon Cooper (July 03- Dec 03)
                                                                       Mike Chappel  (Dec 03 to date)
Assistant Manager                                         Paul Bonney     (1991- 2003)
                                                                       Dave Johnson  (July 03- Dec 03)
                                                                       Paul Bonney    (Dec 03 to date)
Secretary                                                       Graham Bonney (1991- 2003)
                                                                       Dave Johnson     (July 03- Dec 03)
                                                                       Graham Bonney  (Dec 03 to date)
Record                                                           Promotions in :- 1994/95, 1995/96, 1997/98
                                                                       Gledhill Cup :-  Round 3 1995/96
                                                                       Divisional Cup :- Semi Final 1991/92, 1994/95
                                                                       Lancashire Cup :- Round 2 1992/93, 1995/96
Biggest Win                                                    11-0 Versus Fox

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