Club Profiles – Progress Property Management FC (3B)

The latest in our 'Club Profile' series tells you all you need to know about Division 3B's Progress Property Management FC.  Probably the prettiest team in the BFSFA.

                                      PROGRESS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT F.C

                                                    CLUB PROFILE 2005/06
Progress Property Management FC were formed in May 2005 after the younger players from Print Plus FC and Gardeners Arms FC, plus a few extras decided to get together and take on the BFSFA.  Playing their home games at Cottam Hall in Poulton is a massive bonus to the team who can practically roll straight out of The Residence where you will find them all on a Saturday night out, and on to the pitch. The main advantage that the team has is that many of them went to school together or played at a junior level together so team morale is always high and the lads have a good knowledge of each-others game.
The team have been kindly sponsored for the next five years by the Managing Directors at Stones Properties, who decided to use the name of their sister company Progress Property Management for the team.

Player Profiles:

1)    Mark Cowell (AKA Cackle Flackle Shlapple Dopple)

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