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In the latest of our 'Club Profile' series we feature Division 3B side Mythop Leisure FC who have got off to a fine start in their debut season in the Alliance.  Send your club profile to

Mythop Leisure Football Club

Mythop Leisure FC were founded in 2005 and play their home games YMCA Mythop Road, Lytham.  The squad is mainly made up of Aegon/Axa staff members plus some old boys from the defunct Guardian FC of six seasons ago.

The facillities at YMCA have ensured that adult football remains at the Mythop Road site in this their inaugural season in the Blackpoo and Fylde Sunday Football Alliance, Mythop Leisure hope to rekindle some of the good old days from way back under the Guardian FC banner.

A mixture of youth and lots of experience with bags of enthusiasm are a good base for what we hope will be a successful first season for the side.

Player Profiles

1. Barrie Curtis

Following in the footsteps of previous stocky goalkeepers to have graced the Mythop Road pitch, Barrie has proven to be an excellent addition to the squad with some excellent and vital saves already this season. 
With a throw as long as his huge kick, Barrie is the number one choice at present, although that is in serious doubt if he continues to wear his Man Utd goalkeeper shirt for games.

2. Dave Byrne

Dave is a quality right back who likes to push on into an attacking role with a great finess level and good work rate more than capable of pressurising for 90 minutes. 
Injuries have put a hold on his season so far but as soon as he is back to full fitness he will be flying.

3. Rick Lloyd

A quality left back who also represents Blackpool Wren Rovers on a saturday. 
Hard working left back with a great understanding of the game with brilliant positioning and talking abillities.

4. Paul Allen (
aka Shaggy.)

A tall centre back formerly of Lytham on a saturday and with bags of confidence and his no nonsense style he has a knack of dissapearing into the opposition half and screaming in shots from 40 yards with his accurate left peg.
Also the clubs best penalty taker!!!!

5. Rob Cracknell

Another tall talented centre back who is unfortunately having injury problems this season but still plays through the pain and remains dependable in the air with his great presence putting off strikers who fear him for his sheer strength.

6. Jimmy Duckworth

The ever reliable 'drinks like a fish' jimmy is a great creator on the pitch with his calming influence and silky skills he manages to pull off even when he is still hammered. 
A great person to have in the team with his experience and quality of play and awesome skill and confidence a calming influence on the players even if he does make the keeper crap himself when he does 4 step overs in his own box.

7. Dave Wood

Dave is a fantastic player and the side certainly feel more confident when they know they have Dave playing in the middle of the park. Dave has played at the highest standard of the Alliance and it certainly shows as he makes everything he does look easy.  With plenty of experience another calming player who can turn a game in our favour and gets the rest of the team helping out when he puts in a good solid challenge that gets the team riled up.

8. Micky Harrison

Micky is an old stalwart of a midfielder a bit like Roy Keane only Micky doesnt mean to nail the player he just does so because he cant get there in time and also Micky is always first to apologise for a bad foul which is great sportsmanship.  Micky is not shy of a tackle and is always a leader on the pitch with great communication skills and leadership as he has been there before.  Micky now limits himself to 10 beers on a saturday night instead of 12 which shows his commitment for the side, a great player in the squad.

9. Scott Power

The ever reliable Scott is a great hardworking player and scores plenty of goals with ease and is first class when not hungover from the night before.  Has been more hardworking since his suspension but who can blame him not turning up when he managed to fall into bed with two birds at the same time.
Congratulations.  But seriously scott is a great character in the squad and is always up for a laugh and gets the team morale up with great humour and jokey personality.

10. Kev Shurmer

An absolute legend at the club with his never ending bragging of how the keeper never saw his half volley from 30 yards but an absolute great goalscorer in his own right.  Should finish the season the leagues' top goalscorer as he can take his chances and is an absolute quality player and great for the youngsters in the squad to learn from with his experience and his great advice.

11. Kirk Ratcliffe

Kirk is a quick quality and tricky midfielder who causes defences no end of problems with his pace and skill.  Unfortunately Kirk has been missing recently due to a string of misfortune with injuries. The squad cant wait to get him back in the side terrorising defences again.

12. Ian Johnson

Covered brilliantly at right back and possibly scored the goal of the season against the Windmill with a great curling volley from 40 yards out with the keeper standing no chance.
A hard working defender who will never give in and will give everything for the cause.

13. Glenn Bould

A reliable replacement for Baz who has had a couple of injuries allowing Glenn to show at his age he is still a fantastic keeper making a fantastic camera save for the sky sports team when playing TSC FC in the league.  A big keeper with a great presence and always reliable when called upon.

14. Ben Fletcher

Ben is a youngster who is a great squad player and has finally proven his worth by playing consistently well when the side was struggling with injuries.  Hopefully will keep the players on there toes and wouldnt be surprised if he pushed for a starting place every week.

15. Andy Lomas

Andy is another forward and always runs and never gives up on a lost cause with bags of aggression never stops pressurising the opposition defence causing mistakes that lead to goals.

16. Carl Williamson

A calm player on the ball and always keeps hold of it and never seems to misplace a pass.  Always dependable and will work hard for the team and nearly scored a goal of the season contender against Blackpool Rangers.

17. Stuart Mairs

The David Beckham of the squad with his dyed blonde flowing locks and a right winger also.  Has bags of pace and works hard chasing the ball down good winger and scored the all important 4th goal against Cahoots in the Cup which has to go down as the best team goal you will ever see.

18. Matt Smith

Last but no means least our manager Matt.

Matt is one of the hardest working managers in the game and always displays confidence in his side and also gives confidence to players.  Matt sets out fantastic training sessions which work brilliantly but thankfully forgot his beep test CD the other night which came to the relief of Baz.  Great manager that somehow hasn't won manager of the month for August after going unbeaten without a goal being conceded shows that Matt has got his teams drilled up as was shown in the workman like performance against Cahoots.

Hopefully Mythop Leisure FC will have Matt at the helm for a long time to come as he gets the respect he deserves with his assistant manger Graham 'Henry' Blant.

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