Club Profiles – Mere Park FC (3A)

  The latest in our series of Club Profiles features Mere Park FC of Division 3A.

 Mere Park FC – Club Profile.

Mere Park FC were formerly known as Supreme Plastics who joined the league in the 2003/2004 season. Finished 11th in the first season and then had a drastic change in players for the beginning of the 2004/2005 season. Much improved and ended up finishing 6th and getting promoted to division 3A (All done without a manager).

Darren Knight was appointed manager for the start of this season and he has introduced a much needed structure and discipline to the side and we are currently lying in the top 5 of the division. We are looking to be promoted for successive seasons and that is certainly not unachievable if we play how we can. The team is very youthful and this is all balanced out when the gaffer plays himself!! Here is a bit about each player below

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