Club Profiles – Brannigans FC

Profile of Brannigans Football Club with two teams in the BFSFA

Brannigans FC began life in the BFSFA back in 1990 as Music Hall Tavern FC, a team famous for taking 10 matches to gain a single point in the league.
On that memorable day a certain Chris Giles scored a direct free kick to level the game in the last minute. The goalkeeper on the day was Colin Davies. Chris & Colin still head the club, Chris as Chairman, Colin as Vice-Chairman.

Chris Giles ended up being co-erced onto the BFSFA Committee in 2000, a position which he still begrudgingly holds to this day.

Honours: **** All, apart from an appearance in the Division One Cup Final in 04/05

Andy Bellamy26, Your ideal Prem or Div 1 keeper, prone to the odd mistake but generally sound.
Chris Malkinson17 year old keeper, currently dating the Chairmans daughter, but that's on rocky ground until he gets himself a car. Superb kicker and shot stopper.
Steve Knight35, Dependable and skillful defender, an inspirational character on the field.
Steve Thompson28, Hard challenging defender, but prone to giving away own goals and penalties.
Mark Lisgo23, All the qualities you want in a sunday footballer, a cracking right or left back with pace.
Martin Percival25, Main man at the back, a quality centre half. Goals against are never his fault, always someone elses.
Ian Nicholls34, The consumate sunday league player. Mr. Cool, never flaps, plays anywhere at the back. Fittest member of the squad.
Jeff Blincow24, Outrageously talented full back or wide midfielder but no-one can understand how he's pulled a bird as fit as Hayley.
Mitch HortonOnly 19, very very talented midfielder but prone to drifting out of games when things not going his way.
Stuart O'Neill28, Almost as good as he thinks he is, but a real bonus to any side in central midfield
Brett Baker28, Tall rangy midfielder with pace and skill. Couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo though. Another perfect sunday league player, always there, always one of the best players on the pitch.
Daz Fernyhough33, Quality left foot, can see a pass when no-one else can, excellent left back or midfielder.
Daz Hulme35, former non-league player, plays anywhere in defence or midfield.
Daz Meehan34, Player/Manager. A natural born leader (or natural bad influence…). Hard drinking, hard tackling midfielder.
Si Bowden25, Perfectly mannered young man, far too polite for this team, but a talented goalscorer
John Emery27, So far this season the First Team's best player, a goalscorer of exquisite talent, pace, and ability to moan the place down when losing.
Ben Heatley23, Centre forward who has yet to score this season. Goals will come, he's far too good to keep firing blanks
Phil Green28, The finest finisher at the club, still regaining fitness.

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