Sportspy writes on the sad loss of Ben Parker:

Many of you may not have already heard but the untimely death of the New Castle FC keeper Ben Parker (26) has been a great shock.  I

He always took his duties incredibly seriously and was one of the few keepers who actually looked as though he enjoyed being in goals and worked hard to improve his performances.  He always stood out at Commonedge Road because he always wore top quality and high fashion goal keeping kit.

He has been almost ever present in the team during their recent successes under manager Paul Stevens.  New to the Alliance in the 2003/04 season his team Real Cahoots finished fourth in Division 4 and as well as achieving promotion to Division 3A I also watched Parker put in a fine performance against Christ the King at Blackpool Mechanics that helped secure the Division 4 Cup.

In 2004/05 they finished second behind Little Fat Jacks to win promotion.  During the campaign the team fired in 123 goals but Parker

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