Divisional Cup Draws for Round 1

As requested. Here are the draws for the opening round of all this season's Divisional Cup competitions.

Premier Division Cup (Round 1) – January 21st 2007

Red Rose Catering FC v Highfield Social FC

Harris & Co FC v Quilligans FC

Golden Eagle FC v Clarence Hotel FC

Bispham Juniors FC v Poulton FC


Arcadian Hotel FC
Cahoots FC
Highbury FC
Layton Institute FC

Division 1 Cup (Round 1) – January 21st 2007

CTK FC v Dunes Hotel FC

St Annes Ex Service FC v Highcross FC

Brannigans FC v Northern Care FC

Kingsfield Matrix FC v Bloomfield Vets FC

Wyre Villa FC v Hydronics FC


Fleetwood Cricket Club FC
Philharmonic FC
The New Castle FC

Division 2 Cup (Round 1) – December 3rd 2006

Saddle FC (2B) v Little Fat Jacks FC (2A)

Marshall Court FC (2A)  v Gillespies FC (2B)

Fylde Coast Gates FC (2B) v Fleetwood Kings FC (2B)

Brannigans Reserves FC (2B) v Old England FC (2A)

Claremont Cons FC (2A) v AFC links (2B)

Talbot Sports & Social FC (2A) v Inkmasters FC (2A)

Progress Properties FC (2B) v Elswick FC (2A)

Bispham Hotel FC (2A) v Shovels FC (2B)

Extrasense FC (2B) v Blackpool Rangers FC (2A)

West Coast Tackle Postal FC (2A) v Great Eccleston FC (2A)

Gardeners FC (2A) v AFC Dunes (2B)


Central Club FC (2B)
Highlands FC (2A)
Squirrel FC (2A)
Foulds Metal FC (2B)
Stanley Arms, Wesham FC  (2B)

Division 3 Cup (Round 1) – December 10th 2006

Spindles FC (3B) v Additions FC (3A)

Wrea Green FC (3A) v Dog & Partridge FC (3A)

Royal Hotel FC (3B) v Uncle Tom's Cabin FC (3B)

Waterloo Hotel FC (3B) v FC Reebok (3A)

Mythop Leisure FC (3A) – Clifton Skye FC (3A)

Ansdell FC (3A) – Gynn FC (3B)

McKenzies Estates FC (3B) v Metrostars FC (3B)

Blackpool Catholic Club FC (3A) v Ward Heating FC (3B)

Brunswick FC (3B) v Brun Grove FC  (3A)

Blackpool Area Divers FC (3A) – Autoweld FC (3A)

Windmill FC (3B) v MA2 FC (3A)


Faithaven FC (3B)
Staining CES Electrical FC (3B)
Welcome Pub FC (3A)
Pump & Truncheon Celtic FC (3A)

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