August reflections – 2006/07

One month into the new season.  Are you still on cloud nine riding the wave of pre-season anticipation or has the bubble burst bringing on the usual recriminations ?  Maybe you're like most sides and stuck somewhere in the middle.

It's too hot to play football in August but then again maybe not and anyway, the pitches make it look as though its March. 

Things like the weather and pitch conditions don't seem to matter as much when you're winning so who's still 100% for the new season in the league ;

Poulton FC (Prem)
Hydronics FC (1)
Blackpool Rangers FC (2A)
Autoweld FC (3A)
Wrea Green FC (3A)
Blackpool Catholic Club FC (3A)
Ward Heating FC (3B)

It's almost impossible to pick out just one of the above for Manager of the Month as there's a good argument for all of them.  What do you think ?

OK, so you've dropped points but you're still unbeaten in the league ;

Quilligans FC (Prem)
Bloomfield Vets FC (1)
Gardeners Arms FC (2A)
Talbot Sports & Social Club FC (2A)
Squirrel FC (2A)
Gillespies FC (2B)
Burlington FC (3B)
Secure Health FC (3B)
Brunswick FC (3B)
Royal FC (3B)

You're on a good run and no one can beat you ;

Hydronics FC (Twenty straight league wins)  (25 including Cup)
Blackpool Rangers (Thirteen wins and one draw since defeat)

Watch out Cahoots and the Clarence in the Gledhill on Sunday.

Still can't get a point on the board ;

Wyre Villa FC (1)
Kingsfield Matrix FC (1)
Elswick FC (2A)
Bispham Hotel FC (2A)
Highlands FC (2A)
Christ the King FC (2B)
Blackpool Area Divers FC (3A)
Additions FC (3A)
Brun Grove FC (3A)
Uncle Toms Cabin FC (3B)
Metro Stars FC (3B)

Could be worse ;

Brun Grove FC – 17 straight league defeats and 37 league games without a win.

Banging a few in (League) ;

Poulton FC (Prem) – 23
Hydronics FC (1) – 29
Blackpool Rangers FC (2A) – 20
Gardeners Arms FC (2A) – 20
Brannigans Reserves FC (2B) – 23
Fleetwood Kings FC (2B) – 20
Autoweld FC (3A) – 30
Spindles FC (3B) – 18

Mean defences (League)

Quilligans FC (Prem) – 5
Hydronics FC (1) – 4
Blackpool Rangers FC (2A) – 4
Talbot Sports & Social FC (2A) – 2
Fleetwood Kings FC (2B) – 5
Fylde Coast Gates FC (2B) – 5
Wrea Geen FC (3A) – 2
Blackpool Catholic Club FC (3A) – 2
Burlington FC (3B) – 2
Royal FC (3B) – 3

Cows arse/Banjo etc ;

Golden Eagle (Prem) – 1
Kingsfield Matrix FC (1) – 2
Highlands FC (2A) – 2
Christ the King FC (2B) – 3
Brun Grove FC (3A) – 4
Staining CES Electrical FC (3B) – 3

Leaky defences (League) ;

Harris & Co FC (Prem) – 23
Brannigans FC (1) – 19
Northern Care FC (1) – 19
Highlands FC (2A) – 26
Christ the King FC (2B) – 29
Dog & Partridge FC (3A) – 23
Brun Grove FC (3A) – 23
Uncle Tom's Cabin FC (3B) – 29

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