Compere Cup latest.

An update on the Summer Cup competition.

Steamy weather, hot tempers, sore feet, long grass, dusty pitches with no lines, contentious decisions, no referees, players playing for more than one side, pre-season knocks, no changing facilities – how we love the Compere Cup.

There'd be an eight week compulsory break from kicking a ball competitively if I had my way.  You used to come back for pre-season training in late July full of hunger, enthusiasm and pre-season anticipation remembering everything that was good about Sunday football having forgot all the not so good aspects of it.

However, I'm old and miserable and there's plenty who don't agree so here's an update on the Compere Cup.

Firstly, (and don't shoot the messenger), the council are apparently hopping mad at teams playing Compere games and Friendlies on Commonedge.  Not only are they unhappy about the pitches being unable to recover but teams are trying to get away without paying.  You have been warned.  If they catch you then you'll get billed. Why on earth they decided to leave the posts up is another matter. It's almost like sticking a mirror up in the Prebonds changing room and expecting a Quilligans player not to check their hair in it.

Quarter Final line up

Match A – Winner of Group 8 (Not yet decided) v Skye (Group 5)

Match B – CLS Hydronics (Group 4) v Quilligans (Group 1)

Match C – Layton Institute (Group 6) v Arcadian (Group 2)

Match D – Cahoots (Group 3) v Winner of Group 7 (Not yet decided)

Well done to Skye who came though a difficult group that included Red Rose Catering.  Blackpool Rangers were unlucky not to progress in Group 2.  In the Group of Sleep (Group 7) there's only been one match thus far played and that was when Argosy beat Great Eccleston.  Time to get a move on.  Some of the other groups still have games to be played even though the Group winners have already been decided.

Semi Finals

Winner of game B v Winner of game D

Winner of game C v Winner of game A

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