Brannigans FC start their pre-season training this thursday 6th July at their new home, the Co-op Club on Preston New Road – at 7pm. New players always welcome.

Run by Fire Service fitness instructor and First Team Player/Manager Daz Meehan, the training is sure to mix hard physical work along with football and is rumoured to involve the infamous 'Bleep Test'.

Basically the Bleep test involves shuttle running at an ever-increasing pace between ever-decreasing time bleeps until you drop or throw up or both. The higher the level you get to, the fitter you are.

Sessions will run every tuesday and thursday evening until the start of the season, with stats being recorded so that players can see their progress.

The changing rooms, showers and bar will be open.

Sessions are free, although anyone beaten by the 40-year-old beer-swilling Brannigans Chairman in the Bleep Test will have to buy him a pint as well as giving serious consideration to hanging up their boots.

New players and even non-players just wanting to keep fit are more than welcome to attend.

Brannigans FC First team particularly need a quality goalkeeper for next season.

The photogenic Meehan (pictured above) promises some good sessions over the next month or so with the emphasis being on improving each participant's fitness levels on a week by week basis.

“Of course everyone can go at their own pace” says Daz, “but the idea is to get players fitter – sunday football like any competitive sport is far safer and much more enjoyable when you are properly physically prepared for it. This isn't going to be easy for some, they'll hate me now but love me by the time the season starts.”

Sounds like his overweight and underperforming First Team squad are in for a bit of a wake-up call!

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