Presentation Night – May 18th 2006.

  OK, some pictures of 'Presentation Night' are beginning to reach us.  Please send yours for publication to

The league's official presentation bash took place at the Layton Institute last night with numerous club message boards indicating that a good time was had by all who attended.  Fyldesport did get an invite but it's the footie we're into.

Anyway, in previous seasons we've usually got hold of some famous photo's but as our usual source was also absent from last night's proceedings we're relying on others to provide the photographic evidence.  Here are the first two to come in.  Hopefully, we'll get a lot more.


In years to come the youngsters from both Progress Property and Blackpool Rangers will look back on their Alliance debut seasons in 3B with fond memories as the race for the title went all the way.  Typically, there was a bit of needle along the way but last night was nothing more than a backslapping 'lovefest'  as the cyberwarriors kissed and made up.  This shot was taken in the 'Walkabout' which I'm told is some kind of Bar in the central Blackpool area. 

Those pictured include Cook and Woolcock from Progress and Rangers manager John Miles and one of the Brown clan.  The photographer's focus clearly affected by alcohol.

Progress 'top player' Cook who's also done well for Wren Rovers FC this season makes his feelings clear in regard to Mr Miles attempt at obtaining his signature for 2006/07.

Division 2B double winners CLS Wyre FC

Can you beat those ?  Thought so.  E-Mail your celebratory pictures to

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