Fyldesport’s end of season notes.

  Play-off's aside, yesterday's FA Cup Final was the perfect end to the English football season, a great atmosphere in the Shovels, what a match.  The World Cup aside it's now time for the summer break but here's what's happening on Fyldesport over the next few months including news on the Compere Cup draw , 'Rumourmonger' and other items of interest.

“Now your stupid football's finished I want you in the house, off that computer and doing some jobs”  says the Missus.  Some hope !  It won't be too much longer until someone tells her that the World Cup is going to be on every day for over a month. 

“Who will Blackpool be playing ?”, “What will Nancy be wearing ?”, “I hope that lovely Ryan Giggs does well for us” and countless other stupid questions/observations will undoubtedly follow so a regular escape to the Shovels next door looks to be the favourite option.

I can't wait for the World Cup to start and the Shovels is already in the mood after decorating the exterior with flags of all the competing nations.  Our chances may have faded following the expected loss of Rooney but Gerrard's performance for Liverpool yesterday shows we're not just a one man team.  Make him captain I say.  Players like Lampard, the Coles and Terry are World Class and the keeper Robinson is a decent player.  Taking Walcott's a good choice by Sven and if we get a good start who knows.

If you are lucky enough to be attending the Finals we fully expect your reports (with photos if you can). Reports can cover hotels, pubs/clubs, rival fans, houses of ill-repute, and even football matches.

Compere Cup 2006.

On to more domestic matters.  To be honest I'm always ready for a break when it comes to this time of the year, especially after having not missed an Alliance Sunday/Wednesday out and about all season but there are plenty of mad fools out there with a different viewpoint.  For those teams and players who can't go without their regular fix of eleven-a-side on grass there's the famous Compere Cup.  Here on Fyldesport we monitor it rather than cover it in depth but we'll be bringing you regular updates over the Summer. 

Here is the full draw for the group stages.  This season it's been seeded with many of the top sides spread evenly throughout the groups.  Current holders find themselves placed in a very testing group that also includes Blackpool Rangers, Inkmasters and the Subway ;

Hopefully, we'll soon be bringing you news on what pitches throughout the Fylde are available for Summer Football including details on locations, prices and how to book them.  You'll notice that all the Group games have to be finished by July 1st. 

Unsurprisingly we're already underway and last Thursday Skye FC opened the competition with a win over Blackpool Catholic Club FC in Group 5. 

Please be aware that the Compere Cup is a non BFSFA competition.  Any queries about the competition should be directed to Dennis Peters on 391055.


The 'Rumourmonger' feature was a very popular feature on Fyldesport last season so we intend to repeat it.  However, the success of this feature very much depends on all of you.  Instead of us going out looking for rumours please be pro-active and E-Mail them to us at
sportspy22@aol.com and every few week's we'll complile them all together and publish them anonymously if appropriate.

The purpose of 'Rumourmonger' is to entertain and tittilate rather than to upset or unsettle any anybody so we have to be a little careful about what we put in it.  If it does have a negative reaction then we'll pull the feature.

Here are a few examples of how you can help me with this feature ;

“We'll be back next season”
,  just an E-Mail to confirm your continued participation in the best Sunday League in the UK would be helpful.

New Club names/ Sponsors.

New kit colours

New Club Officials
including Manager/Secretary.

New grounds
(Clubs hiring private grounds for example)

New Club websites.

New teams
– Please send me an E-Mail telling me all about yourselves.  This helps me enormously with the Pre-Season previews.  New teams looking to enter the Alliance should in the first instance call the BFSFA Secretary Peter Collins on 764537 for all the relevant information required.

Clubs folding/Clubs merging
and the reasons behind it.

New players signed
, star players leaving, new players to Sunday football etc

Fyldesport Classifieds

Please use the forum to advertise all of your Sunday Footballing needs for free.  Previous examples include ;

New players wanted

New Manager Wanted

New Secretary Wanted

Players looking for Club

Managers/Secretaries looking for Clubs

Kit/Equipment wanted

Kit/Equipment for sale.

Club looking for Friendly Matches

Club offering Friendly Matches.

I suppose there's nothing to stop you using the Classified Section for anything at all, even non football related items.  Whether you're looking for a Fillipino wife or trying to flog an old car then give it a go.

For example my bloody boiler's leaking and the robbing b'ards at British Gas are trying to charge me a

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