Chaotic scenes in and around the serene town of Poulton as celebrating teams hit the drink.

Progress Property Management FC’s 3-0 win at Cottam Hall against Phoenix Old Town Hall FC gave them the Division 3B title.  It wasn’t too long before they were out celebrating with players from other teams also in the vicinity.

No, not all the pictures are genuine but can you differentiate ?

PPM’s Barney Woolcock

‘Team Pretty’ – False tans and ankle chains

Quilligans’ keeper Forsyth, “Lads, have I told you about my penalty yet ?”   “Jesus, he’s off again !”

I hope that’s a shandy young Morris.   Manager Cocker leads his young charges astray with booze and gambling.

Oh, nasty.

Very cultured in Poulton.  Lock in at the Thatched House  01:50.


Mum’s just thrilled.

Who needs ’em ?