There’s a couple of Sunday Football related stories in tonight’s Gazette worthy of interest.  Check them out.

Firstly, Kensington Developments (Bossed by Ex Sunday footballer Denley Barrow) wants to build houses at Blackpool Road, St Annes but if successful promises to build new facilities directly across the road.  If it’s OK maybe they can build our new pitches first and have them bedded in and ready for football before they dig up the old ones.  If that’s the case then I’m sure we’re all OK with that just so long as they’re up to the same high drainage standards.  Here’s the article ;

Former all-conquering Oceans XI FC star Denley Barrow, now boss at Kensington Developments has been described as a ‘very talented’ footballer in his day – he also played for Blackpool Mechanics for many seasons.

A former opponent said today “there was no-one faster on a sunday league pitch at the time than Denley, mind you he had to be fast because there was also no-one better than him at winding up the opposition – and on occasion even his own team-mates.”

Then Monday night’s Gazette accused Blackpool FC of ‘Sunday League Defending’ in their latest defeat at Oldham.  This irritated but Quilligan’s Manager Mark Spedding was even more irked and even moved into putting pen to paper (finger to keyboard) to let them know his feelings on the matter.  A select Alliance back four or five could certainly do no worse than the present shower.  Here’s Mark’s letter ;

Talking of long suffering Blackpool Supporters congratulations are due to Ansdell FC (3B) manager Kev Quirke.  You might have thought that beating rivals Links Reserves last Sunday could not be surpassed but then his wife Danielle politely waited until last night (Tuesday) to give birth to a baby daughter called Beth.  (6lb 13 oz for the interest of our lady readers !)   Kev’s OK and the other two aren’t doing so badly either.