Photos from today’s escapades on Common Edge playing fields.

Mythop Leisure FC’s Jimmy Duckworth – out till 5am this morning sobering up with only his boxers to play in

Stuart Armer (left) for Poulton SFC in their clash with Reform

Cutting quite a dash on the Mythop/Dunes semi final line was BFSFA Discipline Officer John McNicholas. When questioned late in the game about whether he knew what to do with his flag by a defender, he replied “I can assure you sir that I know exactly when and where I should be sticking my flag, but as we’re in polite company I will refrain from demonstrating”

Celebrations following Poulton’s second goal.

An event which registered on the Richter Scale as Red Rose Catering’s John Mendonca takes a tumble following a Squirrel player’s ‘perfectly timed challenge’. Both players dusted themselves off with no ill effects.

More action from Reform vs Poulton in the Gledhill Semi

AFC Dunes fire in a free kick. I can see the obvious place to stick this one, pity the taker didn’t as his shot cannoned back off the wall.

Another Reform corner comes to nothing

This time they’re defending from a Poulton corner

Micky Horsefall with some juggling in the opposition box

Jimmy Duckworth was pulled off in the second half. “I had no choice”, said his manager, “he’s sobered up…”

A Mythop forward wheels away in delight following the equaliser whilst the Dunes first team manager Jimmy Drinkwater watches on.

No idea whats going on here, but I last saw that move in Cahoots

Mattie Hindle shows how the above routine should be done as he celebrates the Dunes winner in extra time

AFC Dunes’ Mitchell acrobatically controls the ball, risking a hernia in the process.

Mythop can do nothing as AFC Dunes score again. Serves the keeper right for wearing a United top.