Mystery snapper at Commonedge Road

  Good quality photographs from Commonedge Road last Sunday including both goals in the Reform v Clarence Cup tie.

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'Sportspy Extra'.  My brother was up visiting from Aylesbury last weekend so to make himself useful I sent him out on Commonedge Road to capture the action with his camera.  Quality photographs from a number of the games played.

Unfortunately he missed Terry Green's infamous 5th penalty for The Clarence – who else would attempt to chip the goalie from 12 yards?

Squirrel FC (Dark blue) on their way to victory against the Bloomfield Vets FC in the Division 1 Cup.

Referee Mr Barry Cropp.

Penalty Ref ?

Careful Eddy !

Goal for the Squirrel


Little Fat Jacks (Hoops) v Sands in 2A which Sands won 1-0.

Partner Marketing (Green) v West Coast Tackle Postal.

Your turn.

Offside – Animated Guy Gillespie (Manager Brannigans Reserves) on the right.

Scott Robinson of Brannigans Reserves FC v Autoweld.  1-1

Reform Health Club FC (Red) v The Clarence FC in the Premier Division Cup Quarter Final.

Gavin Hughes.

Tim Kinley (Right)

Horsfall magic.  Two touches on the edge of the box (No 8 Far left) and then a volley across goal.

Clarence keeper Cook is rooted to the spot.

It's in !   1-0.

The Clarence equaliser.

Sportspy 2005/06

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