Honours – 2005/06 Season

Note :  Results, tables etc now moved to the Archive section.

Alliance Champions – Quilligans FC

Alliance Runners up –  Highbury FC

Alliance Third place – Reform Health Club FC

Division 1 Champions – Layton Institute FC

Division 1 Runners up – Red Rose Catering FC

Division 2A Champions – The New Castle FC

Division 2A Runners up – Little Fat Jacks FC

Division 2B Champions – CLS Wyre FC

Division 2B Runners up – Christ the King FC

Division 3A Champions – Gardeners Arms FC

Division 3A Runners up – Foulds Metals FC

Division 3B Champions – Progress Property Management FC

Division 3B Runners up – Blackpool Rangers FC

Lancashire Sunday Trophy

Quarter finalists – Quilligans FC (Prem)

Gledhill Cup Winners –  Quilligans FC

Gledhill Cup Runners up – Poulton SFC

Premier Division Cup Winners – Quilligans FC

Premier Division Cup Runners up – Reform Health Club FC


Division 1 Cup Winners – Red Rose Catering FC

Division 1 Cup Runners up – Layton Institute FC


Division 2 Cup Winners – CLS Wyre FC

Division 2 Cup Runners up – The New Castle FC


Division 3 Cup Winners – Gardeners Arms FC

Division 3 Cup Runners up – AFC Dunes

Compere Cup Winners – Reform Health Club FC (Prem)

Compere Cup Runners Up – The New Castle FC (2A)


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