Club Profiles 2005/06

Blackpool & Fylde Sunday Football Association Club Profiles 2005/06

After writing and researching the recent 'Memory Lane' articles one of the best things we came across were the Club Profiles that appeared in the paper.  They were brief articles giving some background to the team such as its history, officials, where it was based etc along with a list of players and little bit of background on each of them.

Never ashamed to steal and adopt good ideas we thought it would be a good initiative to publish Club Profiles for today's teams and now cordially invites you to submit your team's Club Profile.  For possible inspiration we attach a couple of Club Profiles as examples of what kind of information you might want to put in it.

Write it in a 'Word' or 'Wordpad' document, attach it to an E-Mail and send it to
sportspy@fyldesport.comDon't worry about spelling and grammar.  We'll tidy it up if required and if you want to have it published anonymously just let us know when you send it in.  If you have pictures, great, if not we'll probably have some in the archives.

When (if) we receive any we'll publish them and keep them altogether in one section on the site for easy reference.  They can then be easily updated as and when required.

We look forward to receiving your Club Profiles very soon.  Go Create !

Here's those couple of examples from days gone by ;


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