Manager of the Month – September 2005

The overall and divisional 'Manager of the Month' awards for September 2005.  These awards are unofficial and totally separate from any awards the league itself may wish to bestow.

Only a maximum of four games could have been played in September and for many that included a second round Gledhill tie on September 4th.

Premier Division.
Along with Division 3B this was the most difficult league to decide for September.  No team in the Premier Division managed to take all nine points from the three league games played but two managed to take seven.  After no league wins in August McDonald Property FC were down in twelfth place with only two points to their name but wins against Kingsfield and Highbury followed by a draw against St Annes Ex Service pushed them up to seventh.  Only a 7-3 defeat against Division 2A side the Highlands in round 2 of the Gledhill spoiled a memorable September.
At the end of August Cahoots FC were in third and that position surprised many.  At the end of September they

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