Your club players of the month – August 2005

As well as announcing your club nominations the overall manager of the month for August picks up his award.

We finally caught up with Reform Health Club FC manager Dean Whitehouse (Above left) at Bispham College early this morning.  Dean gratefully received the overall manager of the month award for August flanked by his assistant manager Colin King.  Thanks again to the good people at the Man or Mouse Creative Design Studio of Milbourne Street, Blackpool for their kind donation of the already world famous and much sought after T-shirt.

Before we move on to the Club player awards for August regulars will no doubt have noticed the recent addition of the Google search bar to the homepage.  Early analysis of the top ten most popular searches made from the site has only served to highlight the rich diversity of visitors to as well as their varied interests.  

Here's the top ten most popular searches as of September 4th 2005 ;

1) Naked Asian chicks on bicycles.

2) Recipe for Blackberry Pie.

3) Dean Whitehouse.

4) Where

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