Top Pictures 2004/05 season.

I’ve recreated this article as the previous one was unfortunately lost.  Since those days we’ve acquired a better camera.  How time marches on.  A good number of clubs have now gone.  Still, there are a number of familiar faces.


Christ the King’s disturbing goalscoring celebration.


Dunes FC (Orange) against Red Rose Catering FC


Referee Stevie Maher at the Division 3 Cup final at Mechs.


Fleetwood Kings FC try to put off the free-kick taker.


Harris & Co (White) v Philharmonic FC


Real Cahoots FC (White) v Poulton SFC in the Gledhill Cup.


Brannigans FC v Harris & Co in the Division 1 Cup final at Highbury Avenue.


Lee Conway does his best to stop Scott Waters pulling down his shorts.


Last night’s dodgy kebab takes its revenge.


Dennis Peters and dog watch on at Boundary Park


Clouds gather at Commonedge during the Shovels v Weeton Barracks match.


Dunes v Marton Institute at Blackpool Road, St Annes.

Dave Wolfenden gives the Great Eccleston player a nipple twist during a Lancashire Cup match.


Quilligans FC centre backs Dave Butler (Left) and Simon Garrick during a Gledhill semi at Squires Gate.



Jimmy Hone (Right) after scoring the winner at Prebonds against Quilligans on the way to a famous league and Prem Cup double.


Steve Palmer (Left) and Dave Butler lift the Gledhill Cup.


Jordan Black

August 2004 – the opening round of the Gledhill as Little Fat Jacks host Skye FC


Boy falls off football during the Links Hotel match.


Great Eccleston FC in the pouring rain at Commonedge Road.


Fleetwood Town FC celebrate the league and Cup double with champagne.


Scott Buchanan (Centre) lifts the Division 3 Cup.  Man of the Match Peter Clarkson on the left.


Mariners Bar FC in the yellow and blue would go on to finish bottom of 3A.


Spot the current Visualise North FC players.


Golden Eagle FC in hot dispute with the officials.


Highfield Social FC find the net thanks to the ducking defender.


Far too many gloves in evidence at recent weeks but is that a pair of tights being worn by the Athletico Plough FC player?


The Stanley Arms, Wesham FC player is down injured.


Chris Giles (Centre)


Terry Green in action for Bloomfield Vets FC against rivals Central Club FC


Ellis Casson who’s recently made his return for Blackpool Rangers FC after breaking his arm.


Friction in the Vets v Clifton game.


Frank Cygal (Centre) for Fleetwood v Golden Eagle in the Prem Cup final.


Weeton FC’s rain drenched half time team talk out at the barracks.

Sportspy 2004/05  (Recreated in 2007/08)

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