Best of the Ref’s 2004/05 (Part 1)

A pictorial mid season tribute to the ever popular 'Men in Black' who officiate in the Alliance week in week out across the Fylde.  Part 2 to follow at the end of the season.

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Mr Colin Bascombe (Pearson Estates FC (2B) v Highfield Social FC in the Gledhill)

Mr Sandy Gear at Weeton Barracks (Weeton versus Anchorsholme Park Rangers – 3B)

Mr Ian Rose before the game that never was.  (Fleetwood Town v Wyre Waste at Highbury Avenue)

Mr Dale Harvey showing how to give a yellow card.  Commonedge Road (Gledhill – Dudley v Wrea Green)  One of my favourites due to 'Boy falling off football' in background. 

Scotsman Mr John McDonald at Commonedge.  (Real Cahoots v Poulton SFC in the Gledhill.)

Mr Kelvin Dyson shows how to have a word in a non confrontational manner no matter how big they are.  Look carefully and you'll see the ball just missing his right ear.  (Bloomfield Vets v Clifton Rangers – 2A).

Mr Dave Wolfenden exhibits another technique which proved just as effective.  'Never raise your arms at football lads!'  (Great Eccleston versus the Fieldens Arms in the Lancashire Trophy)

Veteran Mr Len Smith taking it easy.  (CLS Wyre FC v Bloomfield Hotel – 2B)

Veteran Mr Brian Street not taking it so easy and getting a calf strain.  (MA2 FC v Athletico Plough – 3A)

Ref unknown (Steve Townsend ?).  “One more word and you'll get that”(Recent picture from the Dudley versus Ship tie in 2B)

“Bow before me when I'm talking to you lad”  Referee Mr Steve Townsend at Blackpool Road, St Annes.  (ACR FC v Chequers – 2A)

Mr Stevie Maher at Commonedge on the Sunday before Christmas.  (Bloomfield Vets versus the Dunes – 2A)

Mr Colin Brownsell from Hertfordshire.  Visits the Fylde at the weekend and has something of a 'Busman's holiday' officiating in the Gasworkers v Reform Health Club Gledhill Quarter Final.

Smiling assassin Mr Graham Nixon.  (Wrea Green versus D & T Waste FC on the village Green – 3A)

Mr Tony Zak has a chat with Quilligan's Simon Garrick as Dave Butler waits patiently to take the throw in front of his adoring Wyre Waste supporters (Nice hat mate!) in the Ship v Quilligans Gledhill Quarter Final.

Mr Max Cobb recently pictured refereeing at Commonedge Road. (Little Fat Jacks v The Old Town Hall)

Another favourite.  Referee unknown.  Round 1 Gledhill chaos at Commonedge Road back in August.  (Little Fat Jacks v Skye FC)

“As soon as I find that pencil you're in the book mate”  Mr Dave Wolfenden again.  (Clarence versus Astley Miners in the Lancashire Trophy at Commonedge Road).

Mr Graham Nixon again at Wrea Green with the imposing church in the background.

……………and finally.  One to make Quilligan's Chairman Mark Spedding choke on his Christmas pudding.  Mr Ryan Bromfield on Sunday, Bloody Sunday at Rochdale (Milton FC v Quilligans in the Lancashire Trophy).

Cheers Ref !

Sportspy, 2004/05

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